Anker Morris Men

Anker Morris Men

Coton Heritage Centre
Avenue Road
CV11 4LU

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Anker Morris Men perform traditional English Morris Dances. appearing around the area throughout the Summer months. Also available for bookings at Fetes, Weddings and other private functions.

Anker Morris Men

Each Morris side has its own distinctive kit. Our kit consists of black breeches, white shirt and knee length socks with black shoes. We have blue and silver crossed baldrics, blue and silver ribbons on our bell pads and blue and silver ribbons on our hats. The hats are a three quarter stove-pipe hat, made in the local town of Atherstone. Sadly the company has now gone out of business.

The dances that we perform come mainly from the Cotswolds. The traditions currently danced are Ascot under Wychwood, Oddington, Badby and Adderbury. We dance some Welsh Border dances and have previously danced Bampton, Bledington, Lichfield and Bucknell. Our visits promise fine weather as it never rains when we dance (or is it that we never dance when it is raining?).

The dances are traditionally said to bring good luck, long life and fertility to those who put money into the Morris Man’s hat; by watching the dance you take part in one of the oldest social traditions, and we hope you will enjoy the performance we offer. We practice at Chilver’s Coton Centre Avenue Road Nuneaton on Wednesday evening from 8pm and always welcome new recruits.