Old Meeting United Reformed Church

Old Meeting United Reformed Church

Old Meeting Yard,
(Off Leicester Street),
CV12 8AH


A much loved church and Bedworths oldest building. Situated in the centre of the town the church is open once a month (on the 3rd Saturday morning) for refreshments and a chance to look around a wonderful building.

Old Meeting United Reformed Church

This plain but much loved building was built in 1726 but its story goes back to 1687, the year after Nicholas Chamberlaine became Squire of Bedworth.The five miles between Coventry and Bedworth is an important part of Bedworth’s history because of the passing of the Five Mile Act in 1665.

This forbade any assembly of non conformist church goers for worship and preaching within five miles of a corporate town such as Coventry.

The centre of Bedworth is exactly five miles from Coventry, the old five mile post still standing at the entrance to the almshouses.

The Rev. Julius Saunders came to Bedworth in 1686, and taking advantage of the act established the Old Meeting congregation just north of the five mile mile post.

The old plaque that was on the mile post can still be seen on the left hand gate post of the almshouses in All Saints Square.

For further information or to arrange a visit, Lynda Burton 024 7661 9128