Roman Mancetter and Boudica Heritage Centre

Roman Mancetter

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Most of this history is hidden to us because after nearly 2000 years things have changed so much.

However, relying  on historical recordings from the Roman diarists of the time and our archaeological evidence of past activities.

This Exhibition tells the story of how we grow more certain of the part  Mancetter played in history of the Roman conquest of Britain

Our claim to the site of the Battle of Watling Street being here close to Mancetter centres around:

  1. New analysis of the Latin source for the battle site

  2. New perspective on Hartshill Ridge which supports the Latin source: (Particularly the Latin word ‘Faux’)

  3. Research into the meaning of Mancetter’s Roman name: Manduessedum

Roman Mancetter and Boudica Heritage Center