North Warwickshire Heritage

The wheel is the oldest invention known to man. It has been the great enabler, the mechanism that has seen the development of trade and with the trade; we see the growth from local to global communications. This is the story of how the wheel has shaped North Warwickshire into the hub of England. From Chariots - To Salt Carts - To Water Mills - To Stage Coaches - To Pits - To Railways - To Canal turns - To Cars, Lorries And Bicycles - Use the map below to navigate.


They have all shaped North Warwickshire - North Warwickshire is a recycled landscape with a rich past that has seen many people settle in this the Northern most part of the Forest of Arden. The Romans - Saxons and the Danes - The Monasteries - Royalty and the Gentry - Poets, Playwrights and Chroniclers - The Canal Navigators - The Railway Engineers - Coal Miners - Modern Industrial Giants

All have come and settled in North Warwickshire  - Each creating a rich historical layer - Each recycling - Each Building and Rebuilding - With each turn of the wheel they have all shaped the Hub of England. North Warwickshire became a place to settle for some; those who saw the opportunity to build a future from the trade that passed through: on the salt tracks, roads, canals and railways.All making use of man’s oldest invention to shape the landscape that it is seen today in North Warwickshire.

Each turn of the wheel has seen a new generation; of soldiers, clergy, royalty, gentry, poets, writers and builders create the rich layers of history in this the Hub of England.